Jošanica Bed&Breakfast, a hidden gem nestled near Konjic, in the heart of untouched nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a place where the scent of mountain herbs blends with a feeling of home, Jošanica is more than just an accommodation

Welcome to Josanica Bed&Breakfast

A place between time and space

Jošanica Bed&Breakfast, situated amidst the untouched beauty of nature, offers its guests an unforgettable stay in an idyllic environment. The landscaped courtyard becomes an oasis where guests can enjoy evenings under the stars, with dinner, drinks, or relaxation in the pool and jacuzzi to truly experience the magic of nature.

Explore with us!

With Jošanica Bed&Breakfast, the journey transforms into an adventure. Guests have the opportunity to discover the tradition of shepherds, enjoy fresh air, taste the best breakfast of the Konjic region, smell home-grown vegetables, and hear the sounds of sheep bells announcing the arrival of the evening.


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